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【THK SBN 5016-5 THK滚珠丝杠】

产品/服务: THK滚珠丝杠 
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品牌: THK
最后更新: 2009-06-01

THK SBN 5016-5

    THK SBN 5016-5 THK滚珠丝杠
    Number of loaded circuitsDN ValuePreloadMethod for Providing a PreloadApplied preload(N)
    1row × 2.50 turns130000Yesfixed point preload1875

    Type of guideShaft process methodBall cageSplined portionHollow shaft

    Recommended support unit on the Fixed Side typeRecommended support unit on the Supported Side typeTypes of NutsThreading directionSpacer ball
    BK40BF40Simple NutRight-handNone

    Rigidity in the axial direction (N/μm)Number of threaded groovesDust prevention measureDust cover typeWiper ring is available
    881.71RR,WWBellows, screw coverYes

    QZ Lubricator is availableWith/without oil holeNipple, plumbing fixture typeMaterial SpecificationsType using standard material
    YesYesA-PT1/8, B-PT1/8, C-PT1/8, LF-C, LF-D, SF-C, SF-DIron-basedIron-based

    Standard greaseStandard lubrication methodStandard sealWhether it is possible to change to a high temperature typeNut surface treatment
    AFGGrease LubricationRRCannot be supportedAP-CF, AP-C, AP-HC, other

    Shaft surface treatmentMinimum service temperature Centigrade (°C)Minimum service temperature Fahrenheit (°F)Minimum service temperature(Centigrade°C)Minimum service temperature(Fahrenheit°F)
    AP-CF, AP-C, AP-HC, other-15580176

    Finished product of the shaft end (with/without)
    2D-CAD data sbn5016_5.dxf Dimensional drawing/
    Detail dimensional table


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